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Eldercare Bookkeeping


A Personal Commitment to Protection and Care

In the mid-90s, I was fortunate enough to meet a dear friend who is now 87, and her husband, now 81. Early in 2004, he embarked on starting a ministry and entrusted me to establish its 501(c)(3) and manage its bookkeeping—a role I proudly fulfill to this day, two decades later. As time passed and they aged, I noticed a troubling pattern: they became targets for exploitation and theft. 

A poignant example was when a worker, under the guise of performing tasks in their basement, stole $17,000 from an unlocked safe. Another distressing incident involved a swindler who deceived them out of $40,000, promising a non-existent inheritance. Despite the perpetrator's incarceration, the financial loss was irrevocable. 

Witnessing such exploitation of these genuinely kind individuals deeply affected me. Recognizing my unique position to help, I was recently appointed Co-Executor of their will, taking an active role in safeguarding their finances and offering them the protection they so deserve against such predations.

Our Eldercare Services: Comprehensive, Compassionate Financial Care

Our Eldercare Bookkeeping Services are designed with a deep understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by the elderly. Drawing from years of firsthand experience, we offer a suite of services tailored to ensure financial safety and clarity:

  • Maintaining Check Registers and Monthly Bank Statements: We keep meticulous records to ensure all transactions are accounted for accurately.
  • Organizing Incoming Mail: Sorting and managing mail to prioritize important documents and financial statements.
  • Gathering Tax Documents: Preparing and organizing records for tax filings, facilitated by our collaboration with CPAs or Enrolled Agents.
  • Assisting with Financial Paperwork: Providing support for any financial documentation needs.
  • Tracking Income and Expenses: Monitoring financial flows to maintain a balanced budget.
  • Providing Monthly Financial Reports: Offering clear, concise financial summaries to keep you informed of your financial status.
  • Paying Bills under a Power of Attorney: Managing payments to ensure all financial obligations are met on time.
  • Coordinating with Financial Advisors: Aligning our services with your financial planning goals for holistic management.

Our commitment to Eldercare Bookkeeping Services goes beyond mere financial management. It's about providing peace of mind and protection for those who, in their golden years, deserve nothing less than our utmost respect, care, and dedicated support.